Phantogram @ the Riviera 4/10/14

sake than grief

these are the comings of froward ventures
hysterical to the being sullen to the sad and loved
begging for full aid on past happenings
reassured through veiled compliments
upon spring mornings hope played
they had given more sake than grief
followed down these darkened paths
didn’t offer halted advice for these dealings
left alone atop confusion and early dew

"You and I are gonna rise again"
Your worries will become my worries
Your pain will become my pain
Climb onto my shoulders and I’ll see us through

I miss the times of simplistic pleasure, the smell of play-doh, watching Sesame Street after kindergarten, napping, playing in what seemed like endless summers in Chicago. When backyards were huge, neighbors looked out for kids who weren’t theirs and you could go to the corner store with 50 cents and come back a candy rich kid.

That’s where you Depeche Mode t-shirt belongs on the top of everything else!

They’re coming again to Chicago.  Yup, can’t wait to see them again!

They’re coming again to Chicago.  Yup, can’t wait to see them again!

I hope “Need for Speed” doesn’t disappoint.

I hope “Need for Speed” doesn’t disappoint.

Binge watched the last season of Breaking Bad.  EPIC.

I’ve neglected my Tumblr long enough, let the posting begin.  What year is this again?

perfect as…

not to undone when i see myself
in low light yellow dim lit room
suffering quietly smiling sheepishly
dressed up but looking unkempt
tired but awake from these happenings
unshaven looking for a bathroom
as i can’t recall these things i crave
forgetting the suffered heart plagued
trotting along but not soldiering to
as this time improves my soul
sings the emotion of longings love
it was so sweet as it was
described simply and perfect as…

this new era has begun

love hasn’t been easy
its fled fast and far
i don’t deny my share of blame
standing by my convictions
where the hurt lies
spreading wings for flight
it was the easiest of decisions
but the hardest to swallow
they didn’t warn of this
nobody prepared me for what came
with all the people round
ready to pick me up and offer hope
offer love from the places least expected
looking at old videos where it left
didn’t seem a coming
it pains good, it pains great
lets me know i’m alive
lets me know i’m human
i’ve surpassed all malice and contriteness
coming upon winter again
under cold airs and frigid wisps that warm
where the starting over is welcomed
this new era has begun

Some of my favorite spots to hit up on the south side of Chicago. Old fashioned donuts on 112th and Michigan in the historic Pullman neighborhood and Top Notch beef burgers on 95th and Damen in Beverly.

Seemed like me and my buds were the only ones laughing in the theater.  

hums so sweet

feels like water but doesn’t leave you drenched
hangs like love but is not the insanity you crave
whispers escape these ears that have gone deaf
resetting a scattered life, scattered thoughts
fixing the broken since no one has been able to
not a factor in closeness that has been allowed
you enjoy this solitude so much its home
frailty breaks at feeble attempts of resolution
the one friends think or feel you should have
scoff harshly at such hurried attempt at completion
all to do is lay on couches and stretch in comfort
this music plays greatly as it permeates soul
feeling the reverberation pulsate softly in body
at peace with life, with love. it all hums so sweet